Renewable energy company focused on solar technologies


A global effort is being undertaken to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and tackle climate changes, with solar radiation being an effective and powerful renewable resource able to meet those challenges.

Hyperion firmly believes that solar energy has a strong potential as a large-scale renewable energy source and plans to further develop solar-power plants worldwide in places that combine the required endogenous conditions and provide appropriate regulation. Hyperion reached a relevant milestone, which is the construction under a project finance scheme of two power plants fully developed from scratch by its team – Helios I and Helios II – with 50 MW each, based on parabolic trough technology and located in Castilla La Mancha, Spain. Our partners in these projects were top firms that acquired the project back in 2011.

Despite the adverse period the photovoltaic industry is currently going through with the tariff cuts and financial restrictions, Hyperion managed to promote and develop six photovoltaic (PV) technology plants, totalizing 12 MW of power installed in Coruche, Lisbon and Coimbra, Portugal.

Building on the accumulated experience and know-how, as well as on a favorable market framework, Hyperion is promoting further projects in Portugal and its team is fully committed to their implementation from initial idea to operation. Our latest project is a 2.5 MW concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technological venture, located in the strong-irradiance area of Évora, Portugal.